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History: A few words about the guy building these products!

It all began many years ago in 1957. I was working in Fresno at an aircraft plant that was closed suddenly. Out of work with no real skills in a town that offered no real opportunities for employment because the plant closing put about 3000 people out of work. A friend of mine at that time was working for the VW dealer in Hollywood, called me, and said there’s a job for a lube and oil guy in Beverly Hills, be there Monday morning. And thus began my long relationship with Volkswagen.

I started for $65.00 a week, worked for about a year and had worked my way to $80.00. I went to my first factory school, (the last two week school) in 1958, went back to the dealership, went on the repair line and made $180.00 the first week (I thought I was going to be wealthy.) My time in Beverly Hills was good. We had a great group of guys and both the owners (Otto Zipper and Bob Estes) treated us great.

About three years later, I moved on to the dealership in Santa Monica, left there and opened a dealership for the owners son in Barstow (nothing will make you appreciate greenery or a tree like living in Barstow for three years.)

After leaving Barstow (happy day) we moved to San Jose and worked at the dealership (Norm Anderson). There on a trip back to Fresno an old friend of mine was working as the parts manager in Fresno. The owner (Guy Gardner) offered me a job on commission there. So back to Fresno we came. After working at the dealer for three years, and an independent for one, I opened my own shop in 1968.

Since 1968 I have operated my own business (with the help of my wife and sons.) In 1999 I closed my business and retired. My home and business were together, and I had kept all my tools and shop where I dabble with various projects. Over the years I have built a show car (Berry Mini-T), outstanding class winner at the Fresno AutoRama, 1972. I rebuilt the car in 1982, class winner at the last Bug In - I later sold the car.

In 1976 I became involved with John Henderson in N.S.C.A., sand drag racing, and built two different cars, the last one we built had the transmission upside down (so you could have the engine in the rear for better weight transfer), chased a national record for about two years (set by Pinto Beans in 1975), broke it in 1978 and lost it at the next meet back to Pinto Beans who hadn't run within 30 hundredths of that record in the last two years (we later told by a reliable source that they were running nitrous). We didn't race anymore because they changed to brackets and John moved on to top fuel. I was no lover of brackets so that was the end of my sand racing. They ran the car for two more seasons, winning two more championships (total of three including mine in 1978.) We won a best engineered trophy in 1977 at Hanford (hard to do with a bunch of Jeepers judging).

I have been involved with all aspects of Volkswagens, from changing oil to performance engines, all kinds of fabrication and design. I have developed these products over the years, and hope to offer them to you to improve the performance of your Volkswagen. If you have any questions about any aspect of Volkswagen's, please feel free to call me, whatever I can answer I will be happy to. Thanks, B. *Feature Article Hot VW's December 1983